i have given my birthday away


November 21, 2017 by Jason Phillips

its my bday tomorrow (22nd nov). i used to love my birthdays. gather everyone up and have a massive ol’ party. celebrate. one life and all that. get slaughtered, make some memories (or not). hey everyone! CELEBRATE ME!!!!


some parties i had with one of my best buddies growing up, Vicki x

somewhere along the way this all changed. i’m not sure what happened. is it because i dont drink anymore. or because i’m an old fart? i just totally dread it. for weeks in the build up…. and then on the day, i just wanna hide. i hate the fucking fuss. and i have no idea what to do.

really though, who cares? what does a birthday mean? a hairy sack ejaculated and managed to find an egg. then, there you were. and now you want us all to celebrate this sweaty bonk, every single year til you fuckin die? jeebus. i cant congratulate you for that. you didn’t do anything!

i am giving away every birthday from aged 41 til i die.

that means i don’t want anything! i’ve got everything i need. i’m still struggling to get the bills paid, but who isn’t in this era of austerity from the picnic eating foxtrot wanker tories? if you are compelled to buy me something, because you think i am a legend –  a pint, or a tea or a meal, or a studio, or just a card – then thank you. however, for you and me and all concerned send the amount of money you would spend, here instead:

Grassroots Cardiff, A place for young people 18-25 to go and seek help with all life problems. It offers them company, a friendly ear, and access to creative projects.

it was a huge help to me when i arrived in cardiff, in a mess, lost, lonley and down in the dumps. sending me into a studio for the first time in my life, allowing me to organise dj workshops, helping me make a short film that was shown at events and cinemas around wales. and eventually sending me on a charity work trip to Africa. Then finding me housing (which led to my current flat) and sending me for counseling. Not only that i met some people who have turned into my best friends for life.

Their building and their funding are under threat, send them some money and help them continue their work.

click this image, and send them the price of that card i dont want: nice1>





3 thoughts on “i have given my birthday away

  1. I’m with Miles. I like them too 🙂


  2. Flapsandwich says:

    thanks for the feedback miles. 😀


  3. Miles Stringer says:

    Love reading these blogs when I see them. Gritty realism

    Liked by 1 person

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