January 25, 2018 by Jason Phillips

IS IT me? Am i a total cock?

for some reason every single thing i’ve tried to organise for the last month or two – with friends, family, band, new connections, anyone! – has fallen apart. all plans gone south… mainly people cancelling on me LAST EFFING MiNuTE.

a series of cancellations . like TWENTY in a row. either people cant be arsed, or i am really fucking unbearable. and i’m beginning to believe its the latter (don’t normally like the use of ‘former and latter’ as when i read this i always have to go back and see which order they were in to see what the writer is referring to. have been using it a lot lately, note: MUST STOP!)

is it because i’m so laid back and people feel ah well, its only him.. fuck him. ill just cancel coz you know he wont mind. fuck him. is that it?

Is it January and people just want to stay in and not do anything, hide from the sub zero horizontal rain?

what is going on?

Some excuses have been serious, and therefore, i assume genuine, like A&E. Others have just been cancelling last minute, or even AFTER the appointed time, without a single explanation… just ‘Yeh, can’t make it, will have to reschedule’

I’ve lost my shit on a few of these people, usually resulting in them then making the effort to come and see me and respect the plans. Does simply defining boundaries, saying NO i wont be fucked around help you gain respect? Or am i a raging maniac that needs to chill out and let people change their plans whenever they like?

All i know is i’m the one common thing in all this Snubbery, so it must be me, some signal i’m giving off. Any ideas?



One thought on “SNUBBED

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s not you it’s fucking rude, if people cancel ( emergencys not included) I want some notice and a reason then I can plan something else and not waste my time. Old fashioned manners sometimes seem thin on the ground. That said being a Scorpio I’m quite intolerant and won’t make plans again with the person without a little pisstaking on my part as to whether they will turn up . Take a deep breath, the sun is shining x


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