10 years of Quimcore…

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February 21, 2020 by Jason Phillips

It’s now TEN years since i released my debut album as Flapsandwich…  RE-RUBS VOL 1, dropped Halloween 2009… so i’ve dug it out.. and re uploaded it all to Tantrum Bandcamp so you can download or listen to it. here you go:

or direct link here:


ive also done a 50% discount on my entire back catalogue (well, everything ive uploaded so far) … look on the bandcamp and you’ll see all 5 albums for half price 😉 get involved.


thanks for your support over the years.. nice one!

whats next? Just sent off the third album from clusterfuck to mastering.. so that’ll be out next week. then we getting back out with the band – gigging for the summer 😉 been playing drums a few years now and im still not great .. but theres no better feeling than hammering the kit to bits while the boys belt it out..   after years of playing mouse on stage its a welcome RELEASE!


got some drum n bass collaborations on the go, which are sounding pretty nice…. and close to release.

And just today i was laying down some throbbing Acid House….. my fave style of all, and the 1st music i fell in love with… Dark & Slamming!


watch this space !


nice one


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