17 Insights into the Creative Process


November 18, 2020 by Jason Phillips

  1. Capturing the spirit of the moment is more crucial than ‘perfect work’
  2. Creating the above is helped by silence, repition, stillness, non-thinking, non-critique
  3. A tidying up of the ‘spirit capture’ above should be done at a different time / location to the capture and best to do it alone
  4. Being tired, deranged, distracted, can help you get out of your own way
  5. Treating the process like a job is powerful – but make sure you fuck with the format in order to not stagnate (story, style, environment, instruments)
  6. Collaborating is magic. Become a serial Collaborator
  7. Do surgical work in silent room alone but be wild in your methods in capturing the moment
  8. Quantity leads to Quality
  9. Throw unfinished work at a trusted circle of friendly but harsh critics who will tell you the truth. Get butt hurt in order to learn
  10. Let go of work often and ignore the public reaction
  11. Never sell digital products – charge for real life objects and events, touch your audience IRL
  12. Trust is more important than talent
  13. To create a tribe, connect your fans to each other, your work is arbitrary
  14. Bring your story to life to help give birth to your work, and to enable people to grab hold of it
  15. Perfection is the enemy of done. Become a serial finisher
  16. Steal with abandon from everyone who inspires you. Always credit your victims
  17. Drop all neediness for attention, become centralised and authentically you. People will be magnetised

And as a bonus insight:


now begin (*added after 2 people commented below that starting was possibly more important than all the 17 insights i had!)

drop us a line below if you have any thoughts

6 thoughts on “17 Insights into the Creative Process

  1. thanks for the input

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  2. Just ADDED just start to the blog post 😉 thanks for input. as for digital stuff… yeah viable option for digital selling… hm yeh guess so… it just feels like it isnt anything til im experiencing or holding it IRL

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Never trust anyone who says they don’t want attention. What they really mean is they want ALL the attention.

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  5. Can’t argue with any of that (and also with “just start” – beginnings are so often the worst threshold). That said, I think we live in a time where selling digital product is the only viable option for many, though it certainly isn’t an ideal or inspiring one. 😦

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  6. Anonymous says:

    just start…. think this comes before your 17 x

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